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Trak Racer®

Trak Racer® TR80 Simulator Kit (No Profile)


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Trak Racer TR80 Mach 2 Cockpit Aluminium Profile, Seat and Wheel Mount not included. Works with all side mounted bucket seats. Seat brackets and slider included. Seat brackets for mounting standard car seats and office chairs also available.

Expand with Trak Racer. The T-Slot system present endless possibilities. Strong components, a sim rig is only as good as it’s components and the TR80 will not disappoint. All parts are more the double the strength as required by normal standards. Fast adjustments. Unbeatable 5 Year Warranty. The TR80 has been put through the most harsh treatment and guaranteed to last for years.

The TR80 has been designed with experience gained since Trak Racer started in 2008. We recommend the base structure is a 80 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile, anodized in black. Your choice of wheel mount should be supported by 80 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile, also anodized in black. Special anodized black 90-degree brackets connect the frame and laser cut carbon steel plates allow you to attach your peripherals. The TR80 is Direct Drive Belt Drive Wheel Ready, Pre-drilled for all popular steering wheels, pedals and shifters on the market, comes with your option of 2 Stiffened Wheel Mounts for No-Flex Racing, has several add-on options including an Optional Integrated Monitor Stand (for 1-4 Monitors) and Button Box Mount. Designed and Engineered in Australia.

Adjustable pedal mount features unique bracket design allows you to position the pedal plate above, or below the top of the chassis. Hassle free angle adjustment with the tool-free screw. Fully adjustable bracket for both angle, height and slide. Thick, no-flex carbon steel construction, pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals. Reinforced Left or Right-Side mounting gear shift mount. The distance slider mount allows you to fine-tune the mount to the most ergonomic position for you! Angle adjustment enables you to face the shifter mount inwards, flat or outwards for more customised adjustability. Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand shifters including Heusinkveld, DSD, Thrustmaster, Fanatec and more! .

What’s Included:
40 x 40 Corner Brackets with Plastic Cover x31
40 x 80mm Anodized Aluminium Corner Bracket x4
8mm Screw with Handle x4
Set of 10 Cable Management Clips x1
4mm Thick Pedal plate x1
6mm Thick Pedal Side Bracket x2
40 x 40mm Adjustable Profile Joint x2
Seat Bracket Set x2
Dual Locking Seat Slider x1
4mm Thick Shifter Universal Shifter Mount x1
Rubber Feet x4
40 x 80mm Trak Racer Plastic End Cap x13
40 x 40mm Trak Racer Plastic End Cap x4
1200mm Red Profile Strip x4
T-Nuts x95
8mm x 16mm Hex Screws x95
6mm x 20mm Hex Screws x6
Tool Set x1​

Required Aluminium Extrusion (not included): 400mm 40 x 80mm Aluminium Profile x2 (Important: Taped Threads Required), 1200mm 40 x 80mm Aluminium Profile x2, 500mm 40 x 80mm Aluminium Profile x5,, 560mm 40 x 80mm Aluminium Profile x2, 240mm 40 x 80mm Aluminium Profile x2, 780mm 40 x 80mm Aluminium Profile x2, 300mm 40 x 80mm Aluminium Profile x1.

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